ATV Products

GMZ has a complete line of Sport ATV wheels and tires. Our Sport ATV line is the Sportech. In the Sportech products we have Spun aluminum wheels in stock replacement sizes and some other special sizes that are more geared towards racing. The GMZ ATV Sportech Wheels are high grade aircraft quality material that is heat treated for more strength. There finish is a high polished aluminum that can make your machine stand out. All the rear wheels have an extra ply of .125 aluminum in the center to create more strength. All Sportech wheels come standard with a Rolled lip on the edge of the wheel that creates a hollow bead giving the wheel more strength on the inside and outside edge of the wheel.  These wheels are made to fit and work on the 80 and 250 models up to the 450 and 700 4-stroke engine models.

Sportech ATV Tires are the work of designing the perfect tread and compounding to work the best for your Sport ATV model. All the GMZ Sportech Tires are a special medium compound that works well for all types of applications. The medium compound allows you to use these tires for recreational trail riding in all terrains as well as having enough grip and reliability to use them for a racing application without them wearing to quickly. In the Sportech MX or Motocross sizes the tires are made in a 4 Ply to keep the weight down for the MX style tracks. In the Sportech XC or Cross Country the Sportech tires are all made in a 6 Ply to cut down on punctures or flats in rough terrain as in desert racing or Baja applications. All of GMZ tires are built with Radial construction out of high quality natural rubber ingredients.