Tires - Cutthroat


The Cutthroat Tire is a great DOT approved all-terrain tire with off road Race Truck inspired tread design.  Featuring a 6 Ply construction designed with a tighter tread pattern which helps prevent punctures in between the tread in  extremely harsh environments. The Cutthroat Tire is constructed with a heavy-duty sidewall that features a ¾” tall tread height.  The special mix of compounds and tread design offer a soft enough tire for racing which makes for a great recreational tire with long tread life as well. Available in a 28x10-14, this non-directional tire is designed to be used on the front and rear of the vehicle, which also eliminates the need two carry two different size spare tires.  The Cutthroat Tire is a proven race winner strong enough for the toughest conditions yet only weighing in at 30.95 pounds.

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