Go-Kart Products

GMZ high performance kart racing wheels come with many years of experience. As long time kart racers, we have developed products that are tools and tuning aids to adjust the handling of the high tech karts of today. All of our GMZ kart wheels act as suspension. With more or less flexibility in the design and material used in the manufacturing of the wheel. The wheel is an extended part of an axle. The flex rate or stiffness of an axle reacts much in the same way as a kart racing wheel. In our experience the stiffer the wheel by profile shape and thickness in material forces and drives the tire into the ground more or less at a different rate with rebound changing the grip level or stability of the kart. This can sometimes only affect one part of the corner, on entry or from mid corner off.

GMZ builds Sportech Spun aluminum wheels which primarily are used with American style clutch classes, in sit up sprint or oval kart racing. Also the Spun aluminum wheels generally take grip out of the kart when used in the kids and cadet classes. This happens when high temperature and lots of rubber from other karts build up over a race weekend. In a general statement the Spun aluminum wheels create less grip than our magnesium or cast aluminum products. For Shifter kart racing and Rotax higher powered karts the Magnesium kart wheels seem to perform better. GMZ offers the DH Series Magnesium high performance kart racing wheels that are a Low Volume wheel design. The Low volume wheels have less area for air or gas inside the tire creating less buildup of pressure on long runs. GMZ is now introducing a one piece Billet Magnesium wheel that is new and innovative to the industry never been done before. These new Billet Magnesium wheels will be available in many sizes and is the same profile and shape as the very expensive, popular OTK products. The thing that makes the new GMZ BM Series wheels outperform is it is made from a solid piece of Billet Magnesium round bar and is not a casting. Now available with a built in wheel hub.