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The GMZ LiteLoc beadlock wheels are true beadlock wheels that clamp the tire to the wheel. GMZ’s 8mm high-grade bolt system is an upgrade from our competitor’s 6mm beadlock bolt. The LiteLoc beadlock is a proven winner in the WORCS series Side x Side classes. Great for racing or recreational use, The LiteLoc wheel is a cast aluminum wheel that is heat treated for extra strength. The 12” LiteLoc wheel is available in matte black with a black and machined beadlock ring. The 14” LiteLoc comes standard in matte black with matte black beadlock ring. Both wheels are very lightweight for true beadlock wheels.  With the 12” wheel weighing just 12.5 lbs and the 14” wheel weighing 15 lbs, makes them very comparable to even the carbon fiber wheels on the market today. The 12” has a load rating of 800lbs while the 14” version has a load rating of 1000lbs. GMZ LiteLoc wheels come in sizes 12x7 and 14x7 with a 4+3 offset, thus making the vehicle two inches wider than stock for improved stability. The LiteLoc Wheels come with a lifetime manufactures defect warranty.

* For lug nut torque specifications, refer to vehicle owner's manual.

** Recomended torque for beadlock rings is 13-14 ft lbs.

 - Note: When setting beadlock ring, tighten beadlock bolts in a circular motion and not a star pattern. 

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