ATV Sportech XC Tires


Our Sportech XC (Cross-Country) ATV tires are designed for current off-road sport ATVs where reliability and performance are paramount. We have an ultra tough 6-ply construction and is still lighter than most XC tires. Our specially engineered sidewall and angled side knob construction provides great stability and controllable side bite. The Sportech XC tires have been raced and tested in events such as, Score Baja 1000, the Baja 500, Best in the Desert Series such as Silverstate 300 and The Mint 400 with podium finishes in their respected classes.

Sizes Available:


21x7x10 XC 6-Ply

23x7x10 XC 6-Ply


20x11x9 XC 6-Ply

22x11x9 XC 6-Ply

  • gmz_sportech_AT_21x7-10-face
  • gmz_sportech_AT_21x7-10-main
  • gmz_sportech_AT_left
  • gmz_sportech_AT_21x7-10-tread

  • gmz_sportech_AT_20x11-9-main
  • gmz_sportech_AT_20x11-9-face
  • gmz_sportech_AT_20x11-9-tread_detail
  • gmz_sportech_AT_20x11-9-tread