Wheels - Gunslinger

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The GMZ 15 inch Gunslinger Beadlock wheel is a true beadlock wheel which clamps the tire to the wheel using high grade 8mm bolts for exceptional strength with its 20 bolt beadlock system. The GMZ Gunslinger Beadlock wheel weighs in at 15.8 lbs and has a 1200 lb load rating that provides both style and performance. Our new wheels are heat treated cast aluminum with a new sleek black bolt on center cap design. The Gunslinger beadlock have been through the test of the roughest desert racing in the world and have finished on top of the box time and time again. These wheels are available in 15x7 with a 4+3 offset in all popular bolt patterns and will increase stability by making the vehicle wider. As with all GMZ Wheels, the Gunslinger comes with a lifetime manufactures defect warranty.
The GMZ Gunslinger Beadlock wheels pair up great with our Kahuna or Ivan Stewart tires to make one of the most competitive wheel tire packages for UTV competition or recreational riding.
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* For lug nut torque specifications, refer to vehicle owner's manual.
** Recomended torque for beadlock rings is 13-14 ft lbs.
 - Note: When setting beadlock ring, tighten beadlock bolts in a circular motion and not a star pattern.