Tires - Sand Stripper XL-14 and XL-TT

The new Sand Stripper XL-TT front tire stands for “Traction Tire” and features an innovative lateral rib on the inside to help generate more forward traction while allowing for better braking and quicker stops. The XL-TT is designed for better handling when using 4 wheel drive and has a new two-rib design, which delivers unsurpassed turning ability. When paired with the 30x15-14 XL 14 paddle rear tire with 7/8” tall paddles you have a perfect sand package with taller tires while still allowing for 14” diameter wheels to be used. Sand Stripper XL tires actually measure 31” tall and are a 4 ply tire that supplies the best flotation, handling and ride experience in the sand for UTV’s of today. Now Available, a 15" XL-TT, use part# SS301315FXLTT. MSRP $200.95-$229.00.


  • gmz_sand_stripper_30x13-14-main
  • gmz_sand_stripper_30x13-14-left
  • gmz_sand_stripper_30x13-14-face
  • gmz_sand_stripper_30x13-14-tread

  • gmz_sand_stripper_XL_30x15-14-main
  • gmz_sand_stripper_XL_30x15-14-tread
  • gmz_sand_stripper_XL_30x15-14-face

  • gmz_sand_stripper_TT_30x13-50-face
  • gmz_sand_stripper_TT_30x13-50-left
  • gmz_sand_stripper_TT_30x13-50-tread
  • gmz_sand_stripper_TT_30x13-50-main

  • gmz_sand_stripper_XL_30x15-15-main
  • gmz_sand_stripper_XL_30x15-15-tread
  • gmz_sand_stripper_XL_30x15-15-face

View Vehicle CC Sand Tire Chart

Vehicle Sand Tire Chart

$243.14 each Sand Stripper XL-TT (30x13-14)
$278.23 each Sand Stripper XL-14 (30x15-14)