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The all new GMZ Sand Stripper XL tires are constructed with a durable 6 ply similar to the original Sand Stripper tires. The front and rear tires are available in sizes 30x13x15 front, and 30x15x15 rear. The Sand Stripper XL tires match up perfectly with the new high-powered machines available on the market today providing the perfect combination of looks and performance with excellent floatation and traction. These new tires are the ideal match when paired with the GMZ Casino Beadlock wheel that was specifically designed to maximize the performance of the tire.

Sand Stripper XL Front (Part# SS301315FXL):  The three-rib design and size of the front tire offers excellent floatation and turning ability making transitioning from dune to dune effortless even for bigger heavier vehicles. Available in size: 30x13x15 Weight: 24 lbs. Overall height 31".

Sand Stripper XL Rear (Part# SS301515RXL):  The new rear tire features a 7/8 inch tall, ten paddle design suitable for most of the newer high-powered machines available on the market today. Specifically designed by GMZ engineers for the best tire height and paddle ratio to deliver the most traction and flotation possible without adding any extra strain on the clutch and belt system. The Sand stripper XL is available in size: 30x15x15 Weight: 30 lbs. Overall Height: 32½".

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