• Product Description


      Lightweight design decreases power loss

      True Beadlock Technology (TBT) firmly clamps tire bead to wheel

      Ring Centric Positioning (RCP) beadlock ring for quick hassle-free assembly

      Ideal fitments for both trail and staggered sand setups

      Wheel offsets optimized for a wider more stable machine

      Made with heat treated cast aluminum for extra strength

      Replaceable screw-on center cap securely fastens to wheel

      Durable 1200 lbs. load rating


      *we recommend 8-12 ft/lbs torque on the beadlock bolts when using anti-seize, and 15-18 lbs/ft without anti-seize

    • Product Details

      • Variant: 14x10 / 5+5 / 4x136 / Matte Black
      • SKU: GZ80141047555B
      • Weight: 22.7 lb
      • Brand: GMZ Race Products